Bose Frames Alto - Small/Medium - headphones with mic - glasses - Bluetooth - wireless - black

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Quick Specs

Product Type
Headphones - Bluetooth - wireless
United States
Headphones Form Factor
Connectivity Technology
Wireless Technology


Product Type
Headphones - Bluetooth - wireless
5.8 in
6.4 in
Max Operating Distance
30 ft
United States


Headphones Form Factor
Connectivity Technology
Wireless Technology


Form Factor


Included Accessories
Carrying case, charging cable, cloth bag


Headphone battery
Run Time (Up To)
3.5 hour(s)
Recharge Time
2 hour(s)

Bose Frames Alto - Small/Medium - headphones with mic - glasses - Bluetooth - wireless - black

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Bose Frames Alto

Meet Bose Frames Alto, the first audio sunglasses from Bose. Miniaturized speakers — hidden in the temples — produce rich, immersive sound for you, while others hear practically nothing. It’s a revolutionary personal audio experience embedded in a classic design.

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Key Features

  • Sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers that produce rich, immersive sound for you, while others hear practically nothing

  • Open-ear audio allows you to stay aware of your surroundings, while enjoying your music

  • Classic style enriched with premium accents and materials, like gold-plated hinges

  • Available in two sizes: S/M and M/L

  • Integrated microphone for clear calls and access to your phone’s voice assistant

  • Blocks up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays

  • Bluetooth® connectivity for easy pairing

  • Personalized settings, access to future updates, and more available through the Bose Connect app

  • Bose AR enabled — a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform

  • Customize your look with optional, replacement lenses from the Bose Frames Lens Collection.


It’s the result of exclusive technologies and custom speakers precisely positioned to direct sound at you and away from everyone else. And with nothing in or on your ears, you’re free to hear your world — all while discreetly listening to music.

Bose Frames Alto are enriched with premium accents and materials. Alto offers a classic angular look and is available in both S/M and M/L. For a more distinct design with rounded lenses, Bose Frames Rondo is available in one-size S/M fit.

Metal hinges. Nylon rims. Lenses that won’t easily scratch or shatter. For a wearable to be worth wearing, it needs to look right, feel right, and survive life on the go. That’s why Bose Frames Alto are made from materials as modern as their concept. They’re meticulously molded for comfort and built to last.

Bose Frames aren’t just for music. They’re your portal to Bose AR — an audio-first approach to augmented reality that makes astonishing new audio experiences possible by helping you stay connected to your digital world and stay engaged in the physical world at the same time. Every pair of Bose Frames is Bose AR enabled, unlocked through a simple software update.

From Mirrored Silver to Gradient Blue, choose the look that best fits you with the Bose Frames Lens Collection. Featuring a selection of limited-edition colors — each sold separately — these replacement lenses are easy to interchange for a look that’s all your own. They block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays. Polarized options are available. And they’re forged from premium materials to ensure they won’t easily scratch or shatter.

Bose AR availability and functionality varies. Bose AR-enhanced apps are currently available for iPhone and iPad users only. Apps for Android devices are in development.


Bose, Bose Frames and Bose Lenses are trademarks of Bose Corporation. 832029-0010B, OD845131A, 838211-0010A.


The Bluetooth® word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such mark by Bose Corporation is under license.


Do Bose Frames have UVA/B protection?

Yes. Bose Frames are 99% UVA/UVB protected.

Are Bose Frames water and/or sweat resistant?

No. Frames have protection against dripping water (IPX2 rating). They are not meant to be submerged under water, such as use during swimming or other water sports.

Are Bose Frames polarized?

No, but polarized lenses for Bose Frames can be purchased separately.

Can I use Bose Frames to make phone calls?

Yes. A call can be answered and ended by pressing the multi-function button.

What are the sizes of Bose Frames?

Alto S/M
53 mm – 20 mm – 135 mm
(Lens width - Distance between lenses - Temple length)

Alto M/L
54 mm - 21 mm - 136 mm
(Lens width - Distance between lenses - Temple length)

Rondo one-size S/M
51 mm - 22 mm - 135 mm
(Lens width - Distance between lenses - Temple length)

What are the audio connection options for Bose Frames?

Bose Frames support industry-standard Bluetooth A2DP and Bluetooth HFP for phone calls.

Do Bose Frames support Wi-Fi® or WiDi®?

No. The wireless connection for Bose Frames is Bluetooth only.

What is the range of the Bluetooth performance of Bose Frames?

The Bluetooth connection for Bose Frames is capable of stable operation at up to 30 ft (9 m). Performance can be affected by obstacles such as walls or metal, interference from Wi-Fi or other wireless devices, and device manufacturers’ Bluetooth implementations.

How many devices can pair with Bose Frames at once? What happens if I have several Bluetooth enabled devices in my house?

Bose Frames keep track of the last eight devices to have paired and connected with them, dropping the least recently used when a new one is paired.

When in Bluetooth mode, Bose Frames search for and connect to the most recently connected active Bluetooth-enabled device. If that device is unavailable, Bose Frames will attempt the next most recently connected device.

If you wish to connect to another device, even one previously paired, you must power off Bose Frames by flipping them upside down for two seconds. Then, press and hold the button on the right temple until you hear “Ready to connect,” and the status light slowly blinks White.

How do I control the volume on Bose Frames?

You can adjust the volume by using Press & Turn volume control or by using the volume controls on your mobile device.

What is Press & Turn volume control?

Press & Turn volume control allows you to adjust the volume using the button on your Frames.

Note: Press & Turn volume is only available for Bose Frames Alto and Bose Frames Rondo.

To adjust the volume, press and hold the button while turning your head. To increase, turn to the right. To decrease, turn to the left. Once you find the right volume level, let go of the button.

You hear a tone when the volume reaches the maximum or minimum level.

Note: To change the volume in larger intervals, turn your head slowly. 

How do I enable Press & Turn volume control?

When you update your Frames in the Bose Connect app (version 11.0), follow the screens to turn on Press & Turn volume control. 

To turn this feature on or off later, find Press & Turn Volume in the Settings menu in the Bose Connect app.

What apps work with Bose Frames?

Since Bose Frames use Bluetooth connectivity, you can access any app that’s on your mobile device. Some examples include:

Music services like Spotify® and Apple Music
Voice communication apps like Skype and WhatsApp
Navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze

What is the battery performance of Bose Frames?

Battery performance varies with the content played and volume at which it is played. In typical usage, Bose Frames battery lasts up to 12 hours on standby or up to 3.5 hours of streaming music playback.

What is the purpose of the multi-function button?

When in audio playback mode, the multi-function button allows for play (single press), pause (single press), track forward (double press), and track backward (triple press).

When there is an incoming call, pressing the multi-function button will answer the call, and pressing and holding it will reject the call. During an active call, pressing the button will end the call.

To trigger the voice assistant, press and hold the multi-function button to access Siri on an iOS device or the Google Assistant on an Android device.

The button is also used to power off Bose Frames. Simply double press and hold the button to turn off the device.

Can the lenses in Bose Frames be replaced with a prescription?

Yes, in the US only. For existing or new customers, your warranty will now be upheld should you choose to add prescription lenses (sunglasses or other) to your Bose Frames through any licensed prescription lens installer.

Other solutions will be announced as they become available for customers outside the US.

What does it mean that my product is Bose AR-enabled?

Motion sensors are embedded inside Bose-AR enabled products. The sensors can detect and/or track head orientation and body movement to enable features like Press & Turn volume control in Bose Frames. Use of these sensors varies by product.

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With its classic angular shape and commanding lenses, Bose Frames Alto remixes an iconic sunglass silhouette with Bose sound.